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Spark internet connections and windows 10

In the last 3 days I have made 6 home visits to sort out 6 identical problems in exactly the same way each time. Customers report the same issue, the computer is connecting to the router OK, but not to

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Arduino – multi-cell voltmeter

Right at the start of the saga which is my multi-cell voltmeter/potential BMS, I considered and rejected the simplest way of doing this, namely using voltage dividers to drop the voltage from the cells down to within the range of

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Windows 7 – Windows Explorer stopped working

Wow, this was a fun problem. An Acer all-in-one computer, everything was great except for this annoying bug, everytime you copied a file (drag and drop, copy and paste, whatever) Windows explorer puts up the “Windows Explorer has stopped working”

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Windows 10 – anniversary updates

Over the last couple of weeks, I have fielded quite a few calls about windows 10 doing big updates without any notice and without being asked, and the problems caused by the updates. Obviously I mostly hear about the ones

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Word Press – HTTP error uploading media

While creating the previous post, I was happily updating the diagram in the post and fine tuning it, when all of a sudden the diagram would no longer load, giving the HTTP Error. I tried different formats (jpg, png, bmp)

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Smart TV – some interesting settings changes

At long last our ancient Samsung 32″ LCD TV threw its final wobbly, going ultra-high contrast with weird colours. It started on the final stage of La Vuelta a Espana, at the end of the stage I remarked to my

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Samsung Tablet Cyber Police lockout

A customer has had this twice now, so I am documenting how to get rid of it. It presents itself as a locked out tablet, with a message from the local police organisation telling the user that they have been

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Windows 7 & 8 update issue

The last half dozen Windows 7 clean installs I have done have had issues with updates. It appears to come about when automatic updates download and install an update to the Windows Update Agent. Following this update, updates no longer

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Arduino – multi cell battery voltmeter progress

As reported in the last post on this topic, I soldered headers onto the two 16 channel MUX and started testing. Since then I have spent a bit more time trying to get it all to work. The major change

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Arduino – voltage drop

I started working again on the multicell voltmeter, I soldered some header pins onto the two 16 channel multiplexers, and plugged them into a breadboard with arduino. Some basic testing proved that my optimism was completely unfounded. So using best

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