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EBikes – Dual Battery Management System

The only commercial developer of dual battery electric bikes I have seen to date is Bosch, who do an optional Dual Battery kit, which one or two manufacturers have taken up. Being proprietary technology, there is not a lot out

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Garage Door Opener – a tinier computer project

Despite the issues with bricking the device and it recovering itself in a random state, I decided to go with what I had rather than risk bricking it again. This caused a few issues, but I can live with them.

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Arduino – multi-cell voltmeter

Right at the start of the saga which is my multi-cell voltmeter/potential BMS, I considered and rejected the simplest way of doing this, namely using voltage dividers to drop the voltage from the cells down to within the range of

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Multi Cell Voltmeter

The big order of Arduino related products has started to arrive, the key components, the Arduino mega 2560 clone and the TFT LCD screen arrived two days ago, along with some of the voltage sensors, and most of the jumper

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New Project – Electric Bikes, Arduino and Programming

Exciting times – a new project, bringing together Electric Bikes, Computers and Programming! During my troubles with batteries (which are pretty much sorted now) I realised I needed a way of looking at the voltage of all the 12 cells,

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Porting Lazarus development to Linux

This morning I downloaded and installed the Lazarus RAD IDE, Free pascal and its resources to my workshop PC Ubuntu 12.04 image. It all went very smoothly. I tried to run my project (Sudoku Solver) from a USB key, but

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Back to programming

Hi, I’m Dave and I am a programmer. It says so on my passport, and to save hastle, its what I give my job as whenever I have to put it on a form. In reality, I haven’t had the

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