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Squirrel – the Mitsi Miev Minicab

Why Squirrel? Well it is small, red, quiet,cute and peoples heads turn like the dogs in the film “Up!” when they see a squirrel. It has already caused one nose to tail between two vehicles when the first vehicle stopped

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First Electric 4 wheeled vehicle

We finally did it, after years of considering, and months of waiting for the right vehicle to come along, we have bought our first electric car – or van in this case. A slightly unusual vehicle, especially here in NZ.

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Ebikes – DBMS issues with counterfeit parts

The DBMS worked fine for 50 or 60 km, but the behaviour of the various components – batteries, motor and controller and DBMS started to get erratic, and it started to get difficult to tell what was going wrong. I

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Counterfeit Laptop Power Supplies

A few months ago, I supplied a Dell charger and battery for an older laptop. Because I wanted to get them at the same time, with a single postage charge, and the battery was quite difficult to find, when I

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Smart TV – some interesting settings changes

At long last our ancient Samsung 32″ LCD TV threw its final wobbly, going ultra-high contrast with weird colours. It started on the final stage of La Vuelta a Espana, at the end of the stage I remarked to my

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