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Electric Yuba – gearing

I have had a good couple of days with the Yuba. After 60 or so kilometres riding it two things were obvious. Firstly, the gearing needed work. Secondly – the “power profile” needed adjusting, i.e. the amount of assistance given

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Electric Yuba – just how far will it go?

Well, yesterday I found out. After 23km on Sunday, including about 200 metres of climb, I thought I would leave it without charging, and do a few short trips to see how far the battery went. So on Monday the

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Electric Bikes – Yuba Mundo eV4 – first rides

So, the build was finished at 6.00 on Friday, and Saturday morning I took it for a first ride, into Porirua to take my wife a coffee at work, and to buy some mudguards. Obviously this was to be a

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Electric Bikes – Yuba Mundo eV4 – delivery and build

  OK, it all happened today! I rang Bicycle Junction just before midday, and was told that my motor kit had just arrived, and I could pick up the bike! At just after 12, I drove into Wellington to the

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Electric Bikes – a new addition to the stable.

After 3 years of building and maintaining our two Giant Elwoods with Bafang 8Fun rear hub motors, I have decided to purchase a new e-bike to act as a company vehicle for my computer repair business. My existing e-bike is

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Electric Bikes – hub motor torque/spacer washers

I originally posted this for someone who called asking for advice, but I am leaving it here in case it helps anyone else. When you get a bafang hub  motor, it comes with two “torque” washers, which fit over the

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Electric Bikes – Wheel Building part 2

In the previous post  I mentioned the delay in getting the spokes I needed, well they finally arrived last week. Lacing the wheel was reasonably easy, and stress free, other than the slightly disturbing way the wheel goes together, so

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Electric Bikes – wheel building

It’s close to 3 years since I started the process of building our electric bikes, going through a decision process, followed by researching suppliers, followed by taking the big leap and ordering a lot of parts. The major part of

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Arduino – multi-cell voltmeter

Right at the start of the saga which is my multi-cell voltmeter/potential BMS, I considered and rejected the simplest way of doing this, namely using voltage dividers to drop the voltage from the cells down to within the range of

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Electric Bikes – a quick battery check

When I got home on Friday, Lynn’s bike was on charge, whirring away (noisy charger!). As she only left an hour or so before me, this was OK. However, when I did the rounds at bedtime (4 hours later), checking

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