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I seem to be getting a number of requests by phone and email to confirm details for an entry on yet another internet business directory.

I fell for this as the start, adding myself to a couple of directories, at the time they were respectable and small business advisers advised “claiming” your listing. Since then, they have continued to nag me to upgrade, pay for better listings, look at my viewing figures (which are usually zero). I feel sorry for the people who work for these organisations, so I quietly ignore them.

However it is now getting ridiculous, every man and his extraterrestrial alien (the last one I dealt with was called Kang – I kid you not) thinks that they can set up a business search directory by stealing entries from other directories, asking you to claim you entry, and then asking you to buy a better entry the colour of some precious metal, with a similar cost!

These entries are inevitably wrong, having been filched from another incorrect, out of date directory. In order to correct them you have to claim them and then change the details. What you end up with is a mass of incorrect entries on little used business directories, or with dozens of directory entries to remember logins and passwords for, to maintain details for, and pay for if you are daft enough to be taken in. Fortunately, I have never, ever received any enquiries from customers through any of these directories, so I don’t worry too much either way.

Then there are the cold callers claiming to be from some directory or other asking “can we just confirm your email address/postal address”. When I have clarified who they are, I mention that I don’t remember requesting and entry in their directory, and they ring off pretty quick. I suspect some other sort of scam, but I would have to confirm the details to get any further into the conversation, which I am not prepared to do.

With the latest email attempt, I have decided to see if I can get the entry removed, as I didn’t request it. So I used the Help button, which brought up a page where I could ask a question of the company. The form was prepopulated with my email address and name, so I assumed they would know who I was  when I asked how I could get the entry removed. I then received an email, asking me for my email address and my company name! I have just received another email telling me the entry has been removed. I shall check later.

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