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New Premises

We have finally taken the plunge and leased a shop to work from, which explains the lack of posts here recently. The technology at the shop is pretty standard stuff, the two highlights are the Pace modem supplied as part

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Raspberry Pi again – Media Centre

So, having failed miserably to find a version of Quake 3 which existed where it was said to be, and contained all the files they were supposed to contain, I changed tack a bit in my learning about the Raspberry

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Raspberry Pi has arrived!

After just 16 weeks the Raspberry Pi I ordered back in September has arrived. This may seem a long time, but given the run-away success this remarkable piece of hardware has had, I am lucky to get it at all!

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Signwriting a cone

A sign writing entry – I don’t do many of those, but this took a bit of research, so here it is recorded. I was in the local hardware superstore a few days ago, and they were selling traffic cones

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No space on a disk

A past customer actually remembered what I said about her computer needing a good audit check and clean up (most don’t) and asked me to fix her computer which was “running slowly”. I started it up in Ubuntu to do

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Jerky mouse in Firefox

This problem has plagued me since Firefox 4 came along. On my FitPC I run Windows XP Pro, use a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard, have 2 gigs of ram and enough processing power, but when I install any version

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Sucker for punishment

I must be, the jobs I take on and how I try to fix them! In this case, a regular customer for computer and sign work rang to say her HP All-in-one had a virus. I fired it up and

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System Files

I have just been given an external hard drive by a customer, where 3 years worth of videos had been deleted by an anti virus program (Microsoft Security Essentials). This of course is the customers view of things, coloured by

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Memory upgrade problems

A good customer of mine has a borrowed Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop, which the owner had already bought some extra ram for, and I was asked to do the memory upgrade. I took out the old ram, inserted the new,

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Drives with bad sectors

Over the last couple of years I have come across a lot of drives with bad sectors. Sometimes these can be fixed just using chkdsk /R in Windows Recovery, but sometimes the error seems to be much ‘deeper’ and nothing

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