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svchost.exe at 100%

I have had a couple of computers lately, and many in the past, where Windows Updates, whether automatic or manual, cause svchost.exe to wind itself up to nearly 100% CPU usage and quite a lot of memory usage, effectively slowing

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QR Codes in vinyl

I have been working on techniques to cut QR codes in vinyl, so that they can be applied to vehicles, existing signage, or wherever a QR code is needed that is suitable for cut vinyl. I have developed two techniques

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Simple fix to silly problem

A client from whose desktop I was removing viruses was using his laptop while I had the computer in the shop. He decided to use a wireless keyboard and mouse that he has in his cupboard, and plugged it in,

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While I have resisted making a personal Facebook page for a long time, I have decided to create a page for the business at Unfortunately, in order to get the full functionality out of a business page, you have

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Web site again

I am really beginning to like this WordPress website, and the responsive theme. I got to check it out on an android phone and an Apple -Pad at the weekend – I really like the look and feel across a

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Epson Printer again

Well despite what I said at the end of the post below, this was no where near fixed (and still isn’t). I have struggled with this randomly working and not working for weeks now, and finally got to spend a

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New Web Site

So, at long last I have got rid of my clunky hand crafted website, for the business at least (my personal home pages are still handcrafted with love and tears!). I decided to use the WordPress installation I was using

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Printer problems – Epson WF-7520 cancels large print jobs

I recently bought a new Epson WF-7520 printer. I bought it from Harvey Normans, in one of their sales. It’s an A3+ printer, and A3 scanner and copier, and has a fax machine thrown in for good measure. The price

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It appears that the white screen virus below is associated with the ICSPA UKASH scam, and at least one of the jobs below shows symptoms of both. I have just has another ICSPA UKASH infections, the symptoms of which are

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White Screen virus

In the last week I have had two computers, one XP and one Windows 7, exhibiting the “White Screen” symptoms, namely a White Screen immediately after log on, which does not allow Task Manager to run, and which shuts the

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