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Signs of Success signed up for a free community website at recently. Today I got a version of my printed flyer up as a simple place holder (at I struggled with this site for a few days. The content management systrem chosen by Digital Porirua is something called DotNetNuke (DNN) which frankly appalled me! I found it much more straightforward to create my PHP pages, and to set up this blog than to create a website on this software. It’s buggy, slow and un-intuitive! In the end I chose the simplest template I could find, and wiped out all trace of everything I could in the template, so that I could start from scratch. Today the response from the site was a little faster than the last few days, so I managed eventually to get a page loaded. but not without much cursing and swearing about the bugs, inconsistent text/html editing, the multiple clicks required to load a logo image, the fact that you have to have a logo image, timing out while typing in text and many other things. Still it’s there now, it’s free, and it points to my proper website.

Update 26 Oct. I spent some time learning and exploring dotnetnuke, and while my opinion of it has not changed much, If you are prepared to spend some time learning its idiosyncrasies, It can produce a reasonable web page. Still some things I would like to do which I haven’t found out how yet (page background colour – css doesn’t seem to do it!) but  my pages look quite respectable now.

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