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About Signs of Success

Signs of Success was set up by Dave and Lynn Glover in 2009.


Dave Glover has nearly 40 years experience in information technology, from the good old days of punch card input and lineflow output through to sophisticated internet and intranet websites in education and government organisations. During that time he has also built up a knowledge of home computer applications, such as audio, video and image manipulation, home networks and home webservers. With over 1100 computers repaired in the last 4 years, there isn’t much that he hasn’t fixed or doesn’t have the skills to fix.

Dave wrote his first computer program, in Fortran (to solve quadratic equations) in 1972 while at school in the UK, programmed commercially in Cobol for many years, and still programs just for fun today. See his most recent hobby program Sudoku solver written in PHP on his website, and recently rewritten in Pascal (see his programming blog). While this may seem pointless, it does explore some interesting coding techniques, and keeps the brain sharp. He has recently discovered the Arduino platform, and now has a working knowledge of C as used on microprocessors, and is looking forward to developing an e-bike management system. The family website is a portal/menu system written in PHP, generating just HTML and CSS – no Javascript is used in the menu systems.


Lynn Glover also started in information technology at the same time as Dave, but sensibly got out a few years later to do other things, including much financial and administration work for local schools and playcentres. Lynn has the business sense in the organisation!

Lynn and Dave have a favourite charity they each support, and Dave is a regular contributor to the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, in particular to the Talking Book appeal (as an avid reader of anything printed, this need touches a nerve with him).

Lynn is a regular supporter of the Life Flight Trust, which sells some really useful products, such as first aid kits and emergency torch/radios, which no home or business should be without. We have one of each at both home and the shop!

Lynn and Dave both love the outdoors, have walked the Queen Charlotte Track twice in the last few years, and both enjoy cycling, especially now they have electric bikes!

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The Glover Family have their own web page which is mainly for personal use, but it has some stuff that some might find interesting!