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Anatomy of a scam

This post may take a few days, so keep coming back! Some background first. I repair computers, and a few customers (3 or 4) have been hit by the “Windows Corporation” scam, where someone thief rings up with a very

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Onion Omega – next steps

I have made some serious changes to the PHP web page which servers up the door controls and web cam images, so I decided to finally get FTP access to the files on the Omega. The arrival of my second

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Business Directories – unsolicited entries

I seem to be getting a number of requests by phone and email to confirm details for an entry on yet another internet business directory. I fell for this as the start, adding myself to a couple of directories, at

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Yuba – display woes

After just a couple of hundred kilometres, the main display unit described below stopped working correctly. It bega with it occasionally not switching on first time, needing a repeat try, and this gradually got worse until it was taking 6

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Garage Door Opener – a tinier computer project

Despite the issues with bricking the device and it recovering itself in a random state, I decided to go with what I had rather than risk bricking it again. This caused a few issues, but I can live with them.

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Garage Door opener – intermission

The last post about Garage Door openers detailed the building of the garage door opener, but blurs the time line of events a bit. Initially I got the opener working fine, and it worked well for a few days, but

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Garage door opener – tiny computer project

Recently we had two new garage doors installed, to replace very old clunky things. The new doors are sectional, insulated and have brand new automatic openers. They are draft free and the temperature in the workshop is a few degrees

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Yuba dashboard upgrade part 2

The new display panel has arrived, and was promptly fitted. Immediate thoughts were that it switched on and worked out of the box! Second thoughts were that the settings were also pretty good out of the box, with the exception

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Yuba dashboard upgrade

A few posts below I mentioned that the handlebar display panel was a fairly standard C963 display panel, branded as a Lekkie. It is based on the KM5S made by King-Meter. A quick review of its capabilities compared to what

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Windows 7 – Windows 10 couldn’t upgrade error

I get this occasionally on computers that weren’t upgraded during the free Windows 10 period. Every time you go into the update screen, the first thing that pops up is an error regarding the Windows 10 upgrade failing. At first

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