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Electric Bikes – a quick battery check

When I got home on Friday, Lynn’s bike was on charge, whirring away (noisy charger!). As she only left an hour or so before me, this was OK. However, when I did the rounds at bedtime (4 hours later), checking

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We bought a T-Shirt press last year, second hand from a chap who was closing down his souvenir shop. A good, solid very old fashioned device. It came with sundry transfers and letters which he had left over from his

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Electric Bikes – did I say spring?

It was a dark and stormy night, and it didn’t promise well for the day either. At 6:25 Lynn left for work wrapped up in balaclava, gloves, water proof jacket and trousers, still dark outside, windy, and still a bit

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Electric Bikes – spring again

As I post the updated odometer reading to the e-bike blog, I realise that I have done 1000 kms during July, August and September – a New Zealand winter. It’s not been a particularly harsh winter, nor did it seem

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