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Electric Bikes – odometer

7th February 2017 – 7631 kilometres 4th November 2016 – 7432 kilometres 18th October 2016 – 7245 kilometres 5th October 2016 – 7080 kilometres 20th September 2016 – 6910 kilometres 7th September 2016 – 6803 kilometres 22nd August 2016 –

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Electric Bikes – the trailer

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have decided to acquire a trailer to tow behind our bikes. I bid and won on an article on Trade Me, but the seller took 6 days to respond to my 3

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Electric Bikes – some extra kms

After a week of commuting (well 4 days of it) in a mixed bag of weather, the weekend was actually quite pleasant. On Saturday morning, Lynn was at work, and while I had a stack of stuff to do at

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