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Electric Bikes – blogging

I have had one or two people comment on this blog, possibly the total audience, who knows? Electric bike riders seem to enjoy blogging, some about the build, some about the riding. Obviously I like to do both, but my

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SMS on the PC

I find myself getting more and more jobs where the only contact I get is a cell phone number, and while I will call the number if necessary, a 10 second call to tell someone their PC is ready costs

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Electric Bikes – wear, tear and repair – Bafang CST Hub Motor strip down

Following on from the last post, the new gears arrived, and at the weekend I stripped down the Bafang CST Hub motor and replaced the planetary gears. There, that was easy wasn’t it? OK, for my own satisfaction and to

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Windows 10 self installing

I have had a few customers come in telling me that Windows 10 installed itself, and no disrespect to the customers, I took what they said with a grain of salt. However, the latest customer who rang and asked for

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