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Electric Bikes – high current connectors

Electric bikes don’t use excessively high ampages, or at least they shouldn’t in theory. A 300w motor on a 36v battery, should use just 300/36 amps, or 8.333 amps. Of course this is not how smart motors work, nor how

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Electric Bikes – electronics and water!

Sounds like a bad combination doesn’t it? Yet after nearly 18 months of using two bikes in all weathers, we have never had an issue with electronics affected by water. Heat? Yes. Water? No. Until yesterday that is, but it

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Electric bikes – summer must be here!

Because, once again, my bike is off the road! Early this week I had the following problems all in the same day – a puncture, a broken spoke nipple causing the whole wheel to go out of alignment, another melted

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