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Windows 10 is here

With very little fanfare, Windows 10 has been released onto the world. Most people will not see it for a while, as Microsoft are “phasing” the roll out to save the internet from dying under the extra load. However, the

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Electric bikes – a milestone

Yes, just over a year after the first ride to the coffee cart at lunchtime on 6th June 2014, the odometre on the bike ticked over to 3000 kms, just as I got back from a lunchtime trip to the

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Electric Bikes – way of the future?

Over and over again I read statements from very enthusiastic e-bike riders, retailers, manufacturers and advocates that e-bikes are THE way of the future. This is absolute nonsense of course, they are A way of the future, but many other

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Windows 10 – nearly there

Last week I downloaded and installed the latest release of the insider preview of Windows 10, possibly the last release on the “slow ring” before the final release on 29th July 2015. As you would expect it corrected the couple

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Electric Bikes – quote of the day!

it’s just like real cycling – but easier

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Raspberry PI 2 – nearly there!

Last week I got the Kore remote app working on my phone and my tablet, and I thought that was clever. Over the weekend I plugged in a Microsoft Media Center IR and used the Media Center remote, with no

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Windows 8.1 on Toshiba – log in without password

I don’t often need to hack into a computer now, and definitely resist doing it to a new Windows 8.1 machine, the manufacturers have made it so hard. But, a good customer came in with a machine he had been

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Raspberry Pi 2 – installed and running

The Pi 2 in its beautiful case has been installed behind the TV to replace the PI 1, OSMC fired up, install completed, and the few set up tasks needed were done. The wireless settings didn’t install automatically from the

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Raspberry Pi – media centre

With winter coming, I wanted an entertainment system in the room with the big warm fire in. The TV is a small 24″ Samsung flat screen, with terrible speakers, a nice picture and good Freeview reception, but no recording device

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Windows 10 – 1st thoughts

Windows 10 is coming on 29th July 2015, and unlike previous version releases I am actually quite excited by this one. I have three Windows 8 and a Windows 7 computer at home and at the shop, and I personally

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