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Electric Bikes – latest picture

Time to post the latest version of the bike. I’ve probably done 500km on it now, mostly in it’s current form – except I just added mudguards at the weekend!

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Windows 8 updates corrupting system

I have three recent cases of Windows 8 computers being corrupted by Windows updates, to the point where only a Refresh or a Reset will fix the problem. Of course by the time I get them, it’s not possible for

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Electric Bikes – Winter Riding

  The odometer is creeping upwards on the bike, I am now taking the longer routes to and from the shop just for the fun of it, but the battery state was worrying me a little. Even after a full

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Electric Bikes – Windy Whitby

I am not ashamed to say that one of the main reasons I didn’t use my bike very often was the wind. Didn’t matter which direction I was going, the wind would be in my face. I don’t like invisible

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