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Electric bikes – performance!

I occasionally use Map My Ride to record new routes and sometimes old ones just to see how I am doing on the fitness side of things too. While reading a report of e-biking cycle trails in wales, I came

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Electric Bikes – Tour of Whitby

I/we have been wanting to do this since we started building the e-bikes. Basically the idea is to ride every street in Whitby in one go, and the purpose was to test the e-bikes range without getting too far from

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Electric bikes – riding in weather

The long weekend mentioned below turned out to be not so good for cycling – too many other things intefered! Spring has been very strange, we have had so much really horrendous wind lately, some of which has stopped us

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New Domain name

Just recently, the new domain name .nz was released, and as owner of I had first dibs on getting At the time  it was announced, there was a lot of publicity and hype, about how domain names are

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Electric Bikes – long weekend coming up!

It has been a strange week, it feels like I haven’t been on the bike much. On Monday, I had the car at the shop for the day, can’t remember why, but I did drop Andrew off at work in

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Electric Bikes – replacement parts

The Anderson connectors arrived, so here are some photos  

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Electric Bikes – more faulty bits

I put some new brake pads on the bike, and very soon after I started to get problems with the system cutting out. All lights would show, but no power would get to the motor. It sounds like an issue

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Electric Bikes – 1000km approaches

So with 3.5 months of use, commuting 17km a day with 200 metres of climb, I have just topped 900km on the odometer, with an average speed of 26.7kph. With spring here, it is all becoming a lot more pleasant,

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Electric Bikes – some replacement bits

When I ordered the parts to build the bikes, I took a chance on a supplier, Elife bikes in China, and on my ability to mix and match parts. There was no “kit of parts” that exactly suited my requirements,

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Electric bikes – spring is here!

Yeah, actually worked up a sweat on the big hill today, my cycle computer said 15.5 degrees C at 8:45! Nearly 600km on the odo, and last night, for the first time ever, I overtook another cyclist! I have seen

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